Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Was I Thinking........

I'm having second....and third....and fourth....and infinity..... thoughts about this concept of being a gymnastics judge.

I think my brain has lost some most all of the elasticity required to learn so much new information.

In typical fashion, however, I've spent too much money to back out now without at least giving it a decent try. I paid to join USAG, the governing organization. I also had to take and pass a Safety and Risk Management course (I made 88% on the final test, which I blame on the faulty wording of a couple of questions) AND I had to pay for a background check (I passed that also, with a score of 72%. Just kidding. They only give "green light" or..... something else.)

The only thing remaining between me and the navy suit is taking the first test, which covers the Levels 5-6 compulsories. It is sheer memorization. Of things like this:

Just in case you're interested, and I don't blame you if you aren't, those symbols represent the 10 required elements for Level 5 Compulsories on the uneven bars: Straddle-or-pike glide kip, front hip circle, cast to horizontal and return to front support, cast, squat/pike on, jump to long hang kip, cast to horizontal, back hip circle, underswing, first counterswing, tap swing forward, second counterswing, tap swing forward with 1/2 turn dismount.

Not only do I have to memorize the symbol for each element, I have to be able to remember how much each element is worth AND the order in which the ten elements should occur. (All Level 5 gymnasts do the same routine.)

Just for a little variety, here are some of the required elements for the Level 6 balance beam compulsories:


I haven't even begun to talk about the various penalties for EACH move, how much they count, and which ones have to be deducted before the others are calculated.

Don't worry, I'm not going there.

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