Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hubby and I are "camping" at Lake Hartwell. I say "camping" because it's not exactly roughing it when we have cable tv (I'm watching one, he's watching the other), air conditioning, the internet, a microwave AND an electric grill.

We have spent part of the afternoon watching two birds build a nest.

In the grill of the motorhome.

Naturally Hubby doesn't WANT them to build a nest in the grill, since the nest will likely not survive the trip back to our home. And even if it did, the little birdies would be confused and would likely need therapy.

Hubby has wiped out their nest. Three times.

They keep starting over. I think I saw one of them giving him the finger.

I have pictures as proof, which I will post as soon as we get home. Not of the bird giving Hubby the bird, but of them going into and coming out of the grill.

I think I know where the expression "birdbrain" originated.

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