Friday, May 7, 2010

Back in the Swing of Donating.....

After my year-long deferment resulting from my trip to the Dominican Republic, I was finally able to donate blood again today.

The whole process takes about 45 minutes, depending on how long I have to sit in the canteen area. Or in some rare cases, lie down on the Cot of Shame.

To donate the pint of blood, however, only takes 5 minutes and 41 seconds. That wasn't even enough time to take a nap.

My iron count was excellent, my blood pressure was excellent, and the woman didn't bat an eye when I lied about my weight.

Even my veins cooperated today, and she only had to stick me once.

And boys and girls, I learned this week what the most commonly shoplifted item is. It isn't condoms, which was my guess.

What do you think it is?


蘇pet0701em_halvorsen said...
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Maggie said...

Way to go on donating! I admire people who do! Go you!

Make up is my guess.....

Lilith said...

Pregnancy tests!

I would love to donate, but my veins suck and I have to wait so long after getting a tattoo before I can.