Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sometimes It's the Simple Solution......

I had given my bluetooth up for dead and was trying to get around to planning a memorial service for it. I didn't use it often anyway, but it's one of those things that when you NEED it..... You NEED it!

I accidentally washed the bluetooth in the pocket of my shorts when I came home from the Spring Tune-Up bicycle ride. I used it because I was driving the motorhome, for which I needed more than the two hands I already had. When we got home and were unloading, I took it off and put it in my pocket.

When I discovered I had not only washed it but also put it in the dryer, I wasn't too upset. Because that was the same time that I discovered I had also washed my DIAMOND EARRINGS in the laundry, and that was a much larger problem. I realized their fate after the wash cycle, and when I first looked in the washer I didn't see anything. I finally recovered both earrings and one of the backs, and I considered myself lucky. Yes, I realize I have already written about that.

The bluetooth wasn't so lucky. I turned it on....nothing. No beep, no message on the phone that a device was found, nothing. Oh well.... Like I said, I didn't use it that frequently anyway.

Hubby generously said I could have HIS bluetooth, since it is still IN THE PACKAGE from when we bought it in December. Why he had to have a bluetooth is beyond me. He wanted one he could listen to music on. Guess how many times he has even listened to music on his iPhone. Go ahead, guess..... I'll wait.

I never got around to charging his bluetooth, though, and it is STILL in the package. I picked my bluetooth up yesterday and thought, "What the hell. May as well try to charge it."

And it worked. Who knew? I was prepared to give it up for dead, and all I had to do was charge it. I guess its manufacturer KNEW there would be some blond stupid careless people who would put their devices through the laundry. Both cycles.

Memorial service has been canceled.

Therapy sessions have been doubled.

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Maggie said...

Isn't it crazy that technology can withstand the washer and dryer and still work but I can't get detergent that will get the damn grass stains out of Mac's jeans?

I also washed my iPod headphones and they survived, too!