Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things that Go "Woof" in the Night.....

I watched three hours of Dancing with the Stars last night, including Monday night's final dances which I recorded but didn't get to see, so I was up way past my bedtime.

I must have fallen into an exhausted sleep immediately. My restless legs weren't so restless and I dropped off to sleep right away.

I was awakened by the sound of Gus tearing out the door of the motorhome, in full I'm-gonna-kick-your-ass mode, snarling and yapping. My first thought was, "Why is Hubby going outside in the middle of the night?" and my second thought was, "Why is Hubby allowing GUS to go outside in the middle of the night?" Then I realized that Hubby was sleeping next to me and Gus had departed the RV all on his own.

Uh oh.

I snatched my breathing mask off my face and started toward the door, oblivious of the fact that I was in no state of dress to go outside. The clock on the microwave read 3:07.

Luckily Gus was standing right in front of the motorhome door, looking dazed and confused like he does when he chases a squirrel but can't figure out where it went. He came inside willingly and I didn't have to A) embarrass myself by going outside like I was; or B) taking the time to put on suitable clothes.

My heart was pounding. First of all it was traumatic being jolted out of a deep sleep, and then the "what ifs" started plaguing me. What if it had been a bear? What if Gus hadn't come back? What if he chased away someone who had opened the door of the motorhome with malicious intent? What if they kicked us out of the state park for having an animal who wasn't on a leash? What if I couldn't go back to sleep? What if someone DID come in the motorhome, and before Gus chased him (or her, I guess) off he or she stole my iPhone and or my laptop?

I was much calmer in the light of day, and I guess I just didn't latch the door securely when I went to bed last night. Since it was so late and I didn't want to disturb Hubby, I didn't slam it, which is what it takes to make sure it's closed all the way. We had left a trash bag hanging off the back of the RV, and this morning it had a few holes torn in it. In addition, there were sandy critter footprints in my chair. MY NEW ANTI-GRAVITY CHAIR!!! What cheek those wild animals have.

It was probably a raccoon, and perhaps when Gus heard it and leaped onto the door, the door popped open because it wasn't latched all the way, he went outside, the raccoon beat a hasty retreat, deciding he didn't really need a laptop or iPhone that badly, and Gus felt all proud of himself for doing his duty.

Tonight I'm making sure the door is closed all the way. I just don't need that kind of excitement in my life.

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