Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Knew it was Too Good to Be True.....

When something seems too good to be true......

.....it means somebody probably made a mistake.

A few weeks ago you may remember I served as an online substitute teacher. A substitute online teacher. An online teacher substitute. Whatever.

The rate of pay for substitutes in the online world is $30 per day. I'm thinking there may be face-to-face schools out there who don't pay that much. I subbed for two weeks, and at the end of that period I felt guilty, because I didn't feel I had done $300 worth of extra work.

I was still glad to take their money.

Imagine my surprise when I got my monthly (electronic) invoice. It listed the sub pay as $300 all right.....FOR EACH SECTION I subbed for. [There was no way not to end that sentence with a preposition. I'm just sayin'.....] The teacher for whom I was subbing had 3 sections of Journalism, so you do the math..... I got $900 for serving as a substitute teacher for two weeks, which is more than I got for a MONTH of teaching my regular online students. I felt even more guilty.

I was still glad to take their money. All the way to the casino in Mississippi.

Today I got an email from the money person at my online employer, telling me I had been overpaid by $600 and that the money would be deducted from this month's invoice.


I can't complain, though. I remember telling my co-workers that their substitute pay policy needed to be fixed. I just didn't want them to start with me.

I wish I had rejected the link on THAT email.


Maggie said...

Oh dang that really sucks! I could think of about 600 things you could do with that money...

Julie said...

Shuck, well did you make any money gambling before you had to give it back?