Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Photos.......

Here are some more photos, this time from our family reunion this past weekend. I'm not really being too lazy to write.


I'm not.

I do, after all, have to write the captions.

My great-nephew, Wyatt. This is the baby who weighed 10 lbs 2 ounces at birth. He is an incredibly good-tempered baby, and I'm not just saying that because he's related to me.

My cousin Chris, who lives next door to the marsh house I want to buy. He also organized last year's reunion and this year's, and he did a darn fine job of it. He's modeling the NashBash t-shirt for this year; the mannequin (?) in the background shows what the back looks like.

The picture doesn't do this justice. This piece of "driftwood" hangs over the television in Chris's house. He and his partner found it while they were out exploring the marsh one day, and they had to have it. They had to use three levels of scaffolding to hang the thing, and it weighs somewhere between 200-300 pounds.

I may have posted this exact same shot last year. This is the abandoned rail trestle about 2 miles from Palm Key. We put our kayaks in here and paddled around for a little while.

My nephew Paul (all 6'8" or 6'9" of him) and his daughter Rylie. She couldn't stop talking about her kayaking expedition.

What a cool father-daughter thing to do.

My sweet girl and my granddog Daisy. Daisy was NOT all about the kayaking.

Loading the kayaks and canoes back onto the truck for the short trip back home. These cousins took off kayaking from where we held the reunion, but the tide went out and there was no way for them to get back.

Cousins, Rylie and Alycia.

I took a gazillion pictures of the sunrise over Palm Key, and this one was the best shot. I'm a pitiful photographer. I need lessons. Now.

The group we refer to fondly as The Elders. Sisters Jo, Mary (Jane), Carol (my mom), Patti, and Rosie. Uncle Danny (they FINALLY got a boy) is in the back.

The whole fam damily. At least the ones who attended this year's NashBash.

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DJan said...

Oh how cool! I Bragger blog post with pictures galore and not much text! I made sure I knew who was who in them, and I enjoyed this way too much. Thanks, B!