Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some BRAG Pictures.....

Because I was using a connect card to access the internet on BRAG last week, it got wonky when it came to uploading pictures. I'll upload some now with captions. It would be better if they were with the descriptions of each day's ride, but oh well...

The sun rises on our little RV village on the first day of the ride. That second RV was occupied with a bunch of guys with Roll Tide and Alabama flags everywhere, but since they helped fix my refrigerator/propane problem, I turned a blind eye.

We didn't really NEED the sign for "Start." But the orange directional arrows (at the bottom) are a tremendous help on each day's route. Someone goes out at the end of the day and puts out the signs for the next day.

One of the many, many monuments in Chickamauga National Battlefield. Our course wound around and around this park, but it was well worth it.

There were a bunch of these in the battlefield park. Humans apparently don't bother them too much.

Another monument

I must have a bajillion of these rest stop photos. I don't know any of the people in the photo, but I feel compelled to take at least one of these every year.

This photo is a little blurry, but I thought it was humorous enough to circle back and snap it while I was riding. Not many things can make me circle back. Dropping my computer/water bottle/chapstick, seeing humorous signs, seeing what Rozmo is taking a photo of are some of the few.

I'm not sure where this was, but I thought it picturesque enough to stop and snap it for posterity.

Chico in his playpen (or cell, however you want to look at it). He is a very good traveling dog.

Kelley Girl. Also a teacher and a dog lover. She also has chickens in her yard. She lives in Metro Atlanta. I know, right?

Children dancing at the street party in Dalton.

Grown-ups dancing at the street party in Dalton. Fred wanted me to dance with him, but he said it would have to be a slow one. (So what's he doing with Debi, huh?) I conveniently went and bought a frozen yogurt just in case a slow song came on.

A shy critter at one of our rest stops. He ran as soon as I took his picture. Funny how he's the same color as everything around him.

While I was on the route, I almost circled back to get a photo of this ... dam? ... And felt foolish when I realized our rest stop was right beside it.

Some Kodak moments aren't as inspiring when I'm not on the bike. Sometimes I can't remember why I stopped to take the photo. Maybe just to stop.

I've ridden in several BRAGs with  Doug. He teaches music therapy at one of the colleges. We only know each other through BRAG, yet we feel comfortable enough with each other to share a chapstick. And take photos like this one.

I've seen this "castle" many times over the years because it's on the way to Frogger Blogger's house. This is an actual residence, complete with a swimming pool "moat" around it. I was going for a regal wave in this pose, but it came off looking kind of ... stupid.

Rozmo is VERY cold-natured, but she also refuses to put anyone out. On the night we went to Frogger Blogger's house for dinner (and Frogger Blogger is very HOT-natured), she asked for two paper towels. Frogger is much too polite to ask why Rozmo needed them, but when we discovered she had wrapped her feet in them, we about rolled on the ground with laughter.

I declined the opportunity to have my picture made with my Century Bandana right after I completed it. One year I told the ride director, "To heck with need to be handing out hairbrushes to people who ride 100 miles."

My proof that I rode 100 miles. Make that 103.84 miles.

Riding across Buford Dam.

Another water shot. Sigh.

Miles is our BRAG photographer. He has been taking pictures of me for 21 years, and occasionally I like to get a photo of him. He was (obviously) in a silly mood on this day.

Miles says he made a ton of money in the 70's getting girls to pose like this. I didn't ask him to elaborate.
I also have some pictures of the weekend with the family, lovingly known as NashBash. I will save those for tomorrow night, and as a bonus I will include some wildlife photos that give me the heeby-jeebies.

Or however you spell that.

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Nice pictures! I am not usually treated to pictures on your posts, so this was a real bonus today. :-)