Saturday, June 30, 2012

Busy (Hot) Day.....

I try not to gripe about the hot weather. I figure it comes with living in the South, and I reserve all my bitching rights for the wintertime.

This, however, goes beyond hot. It was 97 here in Jacksonville today, 104 (officially) at home. Temperatures aren't supposed to cool down below 93 at least for the next 5 days. Katydid and I are supposed to "run" in the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th, along with 60,000 of our closest friends. We'll probably walk the whole thing (6.2 miles), and it starts before 8:00 AM (our wave may be a little bit after that), but still the heat is a huge concern.

Today was my last day with my daughter, so we tried to cram as much activity into the day as we could.

  • At 7:00 AM, I went to ride the bike trail again, and boy am I glad I got it done early.
  • We showered and went for breakfast. We had planned to go to the Metro Diner, but it was late by the time we got ready, and we were both starving. I don't often ride my bike 15 miles before breakfast. In fact, I don't do a whole lot of anything before breakfast.
  • We shopped a little bit but didn't buy much.
  • Lunch was a peanut butter and banana crepe (with whipped cream) at the Arts Market. (What does one have for dessert after a lunch like that? What a dilemma.)
  • Sweet Girl needed some hair products, which only took three trips around the block to find a parking space in a cute little section of downtown. Then we walked up and down the street in the near-hundred degree heat because it seemed a good thing to do at the time.
  • We stopped at the Red Box to get a couple of DVDs. Neither of them were things I would have chosen - Sherlock Holmes and The Artist - but they were both bearable. To be honest, I fell asleep a little bit during Sherlock Holmes. 
  • We watched some of the U.S. Olympic Trials for men's gymnastics (not my favorite at all) and I followed baseball on my laptop while I played two different people in Words with Friends on my iPad and crocheted. And texted back and forth with Hubby and the Warrior Princess.
  • Dinner was at Zaxby's (if they aren't in your part of the country yet, you're in for a treat if they ever get there). I had a grilled chicken salad with a southwest flavor, but I can't remember its exact name. It was very good.
  • We bought groceries for Sweet Girl and came home to watch the second movie. Now we're watching the Olympic Trials in swimming. Being an Olympic swimmer was my heart's desire when I was about 10 years old, but I had no idea the steps that were required. Apparently just having grown up in  a trailer park that had a swimming pool wasn't enough.
Now it's bedtime, and Sweet Girl is in the kitchen about to cook/bake something that will probably be worth staying up for. Then it's back on the road tomorrow morning for the six-hour trip home.

It has been a terrific weekend visiting with Sweet Girl and not having any deadlines or events to attend.