Friday, June 29, 2012

She Gave Up...

Ahem, this post has been taken over by me, the aforementioned daughter, Sweet Girl. It has been a long and hot day, this my 28th birthday. She could not come up with anything to write, so here I am, and here I go. It is way past her bedtime, and we need beauty sleep. Especially since she once again wants to go and ride on that new bike trail she just discover, and get eaten alive by mosquitoes in the process. It is Metro Diner time, as well as RAM (Riverside Arts Market) time tomorrow. We shall see how everything goes, but I do believe that this will be all before my mouth runs away with me, or my fingers more the less. Dizzy has decided that it is time to go to bed, and so we must all listen. She is a demanding dog, and the moment someone gets up, then that's it, EVERYONE must get up. Happy trails. TTFN


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DJan said...

Hello, Sweet Girl. I visit here whenever there's a new post and sometimes comment. Just wanted you to know at least one person read your words! Oh, and Happy Birthday! :-)