Sunday, June 3, 2012

BRAG Day 1.....

It was quite cool this morning when we left Fort Oglethorpe. Almost uncomfortably cool. I never thought I would utter the words, "Come on, sun!" on BRAG. We were trying to leave by 6:30, but 6:45 was the best we could do. The route was very scenic, very little traffic, and not really as hilly as I feared, until that KILLER hill coming into Dalton High School. (I'm not whining, I promise.) I had been up that one before, so I knew what to expect. It was on that very hill where I was once passed by a man who was WALKING his bike. Talk about killing one's self-esteem. 
 Rozmo and I opted for the Hammerhead route, which added about 7 miles to the regular route. I'm sure I would have averaged 14 mph if not for that last killer hill and the slow going when we first entered Chickamauga National Park. At least that's my story. 
It was a beautiful ride and we had a good day. There was a crew from Outback Steakhouse grilling hamburgers when we got into camp (at 11:30 - I know, right?), then I had a VERY brief nap. We went into town and ate at a Mexican restaurant and were headed back to camp when the band started playing at the street dance downtown. So we got caught up in that, and I danced until I was in need of another shower. But maybe that worked off some of the burrito supremo I had for dinner.
Our route for the day. We sort of wound around through Chickamauga National Park,  but it was well worth it. I would like to go back and take a more detailed tour of this awesome place.
 Blogger is suddenly giving me fits about uploading pictures, and I don't have time to win this game tonight. I will live to renew this fight again tomorrow night. 

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