Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crocheted Placemats....

This is my latest completed crochet project, cotton placemats. They are for next year's NashBash, so don't accuse ME of waiting until the last minute. Ha ha.

I made a set of four placemats for this year's NashBash, and they were so ugly I was embarrassed to take a picture and post it. I made them in earthy colors, and they were supposed to have fringe on them. I couldn't bear the thought of putting enough time into them to put a whole fringe, though, so I stuck a tassel at each of the four corners and pretended not to know who made them when they came up for auction.

I was happier with these. I like the fact that they are round, so if the stitches are slightly off, the shape isn't affected. It could also be that I like these colors better. I haven't decided if it's two sets of four or one set of eight.

I said this would be my last crochet project for a while, because I want to go back to my cathedral window quilt. I would like to have the bold goal of finishing my quilt before this time next year, but to be honest I can't remember how long it takes me to complete a small square/large square/strip. And I've never been retired before, so I don't know how much MORE progress I'll make when I have more time to devote to it. I think the last time I worked on my quilt, I was teaching full-time AND teaching part-time online.


I have a friend who has two boys and a grandson and has always wanted a girl. She is due to be blessed with a granddaughter in August, which is also when her birthday is, so I'm making her a pink baby afghan like the one I made for Lukey Luke. (No, his name isn't really Lukey Luke, but that's what I call him.) My goal for the pink baby afghan is to have it finished before Hubby and I go to Wisconsin at the end of July. That is VERY doable, especially if I have a few more days like today when I do almost nothing productive EXCEPT crochet.

(I did go for a 3-mile hike in the park, but I waited until 2:00 when it was about a thousand degrees, so when I got back all I could do was sit in the air conditioning and recover. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

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Anonymous said...

Love those! Very country chic!