Monday, June 11, 2012


I wrote VERY briefly last Thursday about the fact that Katydid found a snake in my car as we were loading it for the weekend trip.

In retrospect, I don't think it was ever IN the car. I have a running board, and I think when Katydid opened the back door, it crawled up onto the inside of the door. Then it crawled up onto the inside of the front door. Then it crawled up into the engine compartment, and we couldn't find it after that.

It was a black snake with some gray markings, and I know, I know, I know, everyone tells me that black snakes are "good" snakes and they do a lot of good. They don't, however, do my blood pressure much good. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that they may be "good." In my world, the only "good" snake is a dead snake.

Hubby was fairly late coming home from his weekend golf trip, and it was POURING rain when he got home. He rushed in the door, and I thought he was yelling (sort of) due to the rain.

"Have you looked on the porch?" he asked.

Ironically, when Hubby drove up, I was in the process of looking for my camera. I later found it in the car. If I had gone to the car BEFORE Hubby got home and had seen this bad boy on the porch when I came back, I would STILL be standing out there. In the rain.

This isn't a very good shot. I wanted to get a shot of his head, but he was moving on. You can tell he is a fairly large (at least long) snake. I can't swear it's the same fella who was in (on) my car last Thursday, but I would like to believe it is the same one. Mainly because I don't want to think we are overrun with snakes. I asked Hubby to kill this one, not really wanting him to but thinking that was what I was supposed to say, and Hubby refused because it is a "good" snake. (It's also because Hubby is just as afraid of snakes as I am, but don't tell him I said that.)

And then we have this guy.

This is Chico's "baby." You may remember that Chico is Katydid's dog, a chihuahua. I think this baby is bigger than Chico is.

The baby went missing at the end of BRAG, and Katydid couldn't find it anywhere in the RV. It wasn't a high priority, so she said she would buy him a new one later.

I found it wrapped in the sheets when I was taking them OUT of the washer and putting them into the dryer. But I only saw part of the baby and had a paralyzing fear that it was a snake or some other sort of critter in the washing machine.

It may be a while before my pulse returns to normal. A girl can only take so much wildlife in one week.

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Kelly said...

That looks like a mighty fine specimin. :) (can you tell snakes don't bother me much? - at least the good ones don't)