Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Two Awesome Women....

Tonight, instead of talking about my own cycling (since I CAN'T because Jezebel is STILL in the shop and don't think I'm not bitter about THAT) or crochet projects or skydiving or the major purchase that is in the works AGAIN or my new arrival that will come tomorrow but I'll be gone or students from my past or how typically male my usually perfect husband can be, I'd like to ask you to read something other than my blog.

I know, right?

I'd like to invite you to start following two awesome women as they ride their bicycles ACROSS the country and THEN down the East Coast, ending back at home in Georgia.

I know both of these women, not terribly well, but I've ridden with both of them. I have been to the home of one of them, because she was a participant in my dissertation study. (Am I allowed to say that now, since it's 8 years since the publication of my dissertation?)

Their journey began in Oregon. They will ride to Bar Harbor, Maine, and then follow a route down through the eastern states.

They aren't just riding their bicycles across the country. They are riding self-supported, which means they are carrying all their gear with them. Tents, cooking paraphernalia, clothes (summer AND winter gear), food, everything. I don't mean they are wilderness camping. They have stayed in a couple of parks with electricity, laundry facilities and hot water, and they've spent at least one night in a motel with real beds and a microwave. Oh, and they both ride recumbent bikes, something I find awe-inspiring all by itself.

I've never done a self-supported bike tour of any length, although Rozmo keeps trying to get me to commit to a baby one, just an overnight out-and-back trip. I think I could get used to carrying my own gear, whether I used panniers or pulled a trailer.

It's the five months of being away from home and Hubby that would get to me. I'm not a homebody, and I love traveling. But as long as I have someone at home who MIGHT miss me, I'm not likely to undertake such a humongous feat.

Please jump over and read some of their diary entries about their trip so far. Leave them an encouraging message if you're so inclined.

Carol's Diary

Barbara's Diary

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