Thursday, June 7, 2012

BRAG Day 5.....

Wow. So much to write about, and it's so late that I won't have time to get to it all.

Today's route brought me to my own town, and it felt weird the closer we got to my hometown. I was on BRAG but riding roads I travel all the time. One of the officials with the Chamber of Commerce is a friend of mine, and she was sitting beside the road about 4 miles from the end of the ride, so I stopped to talk to her. A guy told me a little ways down the road that we were almost there, and I came very close to saying to him, "Well, duh!"

My bike had some mechanical issues today, so I went over to the mechanics' tent at Rest Stop #3. It was only a clicking, but it was driving me INSANE. It clicked with every down stroke on the left side. When I was going uphill it sounded like When I was riding on a flat section it sounded like When I was pedaling REALLY fast (THAT didn't happen very often), it sounded like clickclickclickclickclickclick. While I was standing there waiting for my bike to be serviced, there were two guys standing there just talking and enjoying the shade. I glanced at their bike tags and realized they were the two men who designed yesterday's century route. I really wanted to hurt them, but I didn't even say anything.

Katydid and I were loading my car...and by loading I mean stuffing it with everything we will need for the weekend at the NashBash...when we had a short delay caused by a snake.




Rozmo got it out with a golf club, but it crawled up into the engine area. Our neighbor across the street came and looked for it, and he couldn't find it. Oh great. A lost snake.

I don't do snakes.

It's way past my bedtime on a regular night, and I've got a 60-mile ride ahead of me tomorrow. And oh yeah...I'm not quite finished packing.

Good night.

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