Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Break ..... Yeah, Baby!......

For the past few years, our school system has had an entire week off for fall break. This year we started a week later, so our fall break is only 3 days: tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday. We are all so dang ready for a break that I'm not EVEN complaining that it's only 3 days. Being spread over a weekend makes it seem a little longer. Having Friday off is weird, though. I keep thinking I need to go fix my lunch and make sure I have something ready to wear tomorrow.

And then I think, "Sweet! I can sleep in!"

And then I remember, "Dang! Granny still has to pee first thing in the morning!"

Still, I don't have to get up at 5:00, and I can come back from Granny's and enjoy my coffee and read the paper.

Sometimes I try to pack so many activities into a school break that I feel like I need to go back to school just to get some rest. I've tried not to do that this time, but I'm still planning some fun things.

Rozmo and I are doing a bike ride tomorrow in one of the prettiest areas in our state, the same general area where our Spring Tune-Up ride takes place in April.

Saturday is a UGA home football game, and I hope to see my good friend Elizabeth, whom I haven't seen since we both left the same school in 2005. She has two beautiful girls and she's the only PERSON -- let alone WOMAN -- I've ever seen who can match Hubby beer for beer.

Sunday is an organized bike ride south of Atlanta. Katydid and I will be riding the tandem, and Rozmo is riding also.

Monday my only plans are to take Gus to the beauty shop. It's time for his every-other-month haircut and nail trimming. I'll also use that day to grocery shop and drop some pants off to be hemmed.

Tuesday I may have to take my mother-in-law to get a perm, and I'll have to stay there with her to move her from chair to chair. But that will be okay too. I'll take my crocheting or my iPad and keep myself occupied while I'm there. (If I can tune out the old-lady gossip. Which is sort of doubtful.)

We may not be taking the trip to Vegas we had tentatively planned, but I'll take a three-day break from school any old day.

Happy (early) weekend!


KatyDid53 said...

I would be jealous, but I love my new position (and hours!) that I don't even mind going to work. How weird is that?

The girl said...

I wanna go to Vegas! I've only been ro the airport lol