Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not a Real Blog Post.....

Not a real blog post, just an apology for not having one.

But trust me, I have a very good excuse. Hubby and I just got home from marking one of the BIG things off my 50 Things to Do List. I didn't dream we would be this late getting home, and we still had to put his mother to bed. Poor thing, she was worn out, and no way to go to sleep until we got back.

Oops. Sorry, Granny!

I promise to write something a little more substantial and have some (I hope I hope I hope) beautiful pictures to go along with it. Perhaps even a video. (Fingers crossed.)

AND it's only a four-day work week this week. We have next Friday and the following Monday and Tuesday off for our mini fall break. We are used to having a whole week, but we're so disausted we won't be greedy. Much.

Have a wonderful week!

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