Friday, September 16, 2011

Weird Thing to Do on a Friday Afternoon.......

I had Hubby take me and my bike to school this morning, as I try to do on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week. At least as long as the weather holds. Having him drop me off means I can't change my mind in the middle of the day about riding my bike.

On most Fridays (most DAYS, actually), I am a horse headed for the barn, taking the quickest and most direct (at least by bicycling standards) route home. Today, for some reason, I didn't do that.

I wanted a different route than my usual way home. That turned into a VERY unusual way home when I missed a turn and wound up in a county I didn't mean to be in. I still wasn't too very far off track, and I let Hubby know I would meet him at the golf course.

The weather took a strange course today also. Temperatures were in the 90's yesterday, something to which we've become very accustomed here in the South. Today temperatures MIGHT have reached the 70's, but were mostly in the upper 60's. We don't have all four seasons here; we just have hot and cold, and we can experience a switch from one to the other and back again in the space of three days. It was also windy today, which is NOT something I prefer on my bike rides.

My timing worked out perfectly. Hubby texted that he was finished with his round of golf, and I texted back that I was about two miles away. Then I realized I was headed straight for a ditch, and I stopped texting. I was happy that my bike ride was going to wind up being almost exactly 20 miles. It's all about the miles, people.

Then instead of waiting for me like he said he would, Hubby headed my way and picked me up in his truck. Oh well.... I guess 18.95 miles on a Friday afternoon is still okay.

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