Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Note from My Mother.....

Dear Readers:

This is Bragger's mother, also known as the Barracuda, writing a note excusing her absence from blogging last night. (By the way, I'm also known by a few choice other terms, but this is the cleanest one I can put in print.)

Bragger had excellent intentions for posting last night from inside the Georgia Dome. She thought she would do a "live" blog post as the football game progressed, a la Aunt Joyce and his reporting of skating or gymnastics events. (Don't bother looking for his... he's a little over-the-top.) She had this cool idea that she would update her post as events at the game progressed, and you could follow the game vicariously through her blog. Whether you wanted to or not.

What Bragger didn't anticipate is that being inside the Dome would preclude any electronic form of communication whatsoever from the outside world. She could receive texts but not send them; her ESPN app on her iPhone did NOT update her with the bazillion teams she has entered as "favorites" so she could follow their progress too.

She also did not anticipate that her view of the field would be blocked by an obnoxious Georgia fan in front of her who insisted upon standing for the entire game, beginning with the pre-game ceremonies, continuing with the entrance of Herschel Walker (BTW, someone needs to tell Herschel that we don't "raise the roof" in sports anymore), and lasting throughout the entire game. When she gently tapped the "gentleman" on the shoulder and asked couldn't she be allowed to see just a little bit of the game, his bitchy wife turned around and said, "He can stand up if he wants to!" (Yes indeed, he can if he wants to, or he could be a decent human being and allow like-minded fans who also paid $55 for a ticket to the game to actually see it, but clearly the choice is his and we know what his choice tells us about him. And his bitchy wife. Who then proceeded to stand up HERSELF, just to prove her point.) We are just eternally grateful that neither Bragger nor her Hubby had to be granted a single phone call from the confines of an Atlanta jail. Shudder.

To make this long-winded note to the teacher as short as possible, suffice it to say that our team lost the game, Bragger lost her voice, and when she returned to the RV at 11:45 PM, she just couldn't bring herself to write a coherent blog post. Or a blog post of her usual characteristics either.

Please excuse her absence. We hope she will be back to abnormal tomorrow. We will make better plans for next weekend's game, which has a 4:30 PM kickoff instead of 8:00 PM.

Bragger's Mother,


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Kelly said...

Some people can be SO inconsiderate. I would have been FUMING about the jerk standing up the whole time.