Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reason #412 that Getting Old Sucks......

It seems to me that all I've done lately is whine, and for that I apologize.

But I'm afraid this is going to continue the trend, at least for tonight. I promise I'll try to be perky and chipper tomorrow night.

When I went to my doctor three months ago, she was delighted with my weight loss and how well my blood pressure is being controlled. She commented that my cholesterol was high, though, and said she wanted my next blood work to be done without eating. My "bad" cholesterol was 145, and she said she wanted it closer to 100.

I don't do well without my breakfast and coffee. I know I can drink black coffee, but I'd rather do without than drink it black. I'm not grown up enough for that.

She said I could try lowering my cholesterol for the next three months using diet and exercise alone. To be perfectly honest, I didn't do much different during the last three months. I figured there wasn't much more exercise I could do, since I exercise almost every day and twice a day many days. I don't eat many of the foods on the "bad" list anyway, just because I don't care for them. I don't care for steak, I don't like eggs, and I don't typically eat bakery goods and other bad stuff.

The leftover doughnuts Katydid bought for tailgating notwithstanding. I don't know what got into me on Sunday. But I digress.

When I went back to see the doctor this afternoon, she said my cholesterol had gone from 145 to 175. And she insisted on giving me a prescription for medicine to lower it.

I don't WANT to take it. I'm pretty sure my cholesterol situation is due to genetics, since both of my parents suffer/suffered from high cholesterol. (Gee thanks, parents!) The last time I was told my cholesterol was high, I had just lost 50 pounds and was exercising like crazy. I was in the best shape of my life.

Sound familiar?

I remember in my first year of teaching, I was telling some of my co-workers how much I loved quiche. I said I could eat it three meals a day, and one of my colleagues said, "But just think of the cholesterol!"

I replied, "I smoke, I drink, and I jump out of airplanes. If cholesterol kills me, it will just be a joke."

I don't smoke, drink, or jump out of airplanes anymore. And I'm not finding it very funny.

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DJan said...

I don't smoke, but I drink a glass of wine every night, and jump out of airplanes every weekend during the summer. My cholesterol is only controlled with medication, but yes, even though it's genetic, my mother died at 69 and my father at 62: heart disease. I don't want to die that young! I really don't want you too, either, so I hope you decide to at least TRY the meds.