Saturday, September 17, 2011

#44 - Ride my Bike in a New County........

A while back I wrote a post about all the counties in Georgia in which I've ridden my bike. Out of the 159 counties in Georgia, I reported there were only 25 in which I had not ridden my bicycle at some point. It should have been 24, as Rozmo corrected me when I told her about the map. She reminded me that the Silver Comet Trail goes through Cobb County, one of the counties I thought I hadn't ridden in.

As of today, the count is down to 23. Katydid and I did a ride in our hometown, and it went into Greene County. I found it odd in the first place that I had never ridden there, since it is A) only one county over from where we grew up; and B) not far from where I live now.

Today's ride was called the Teardrop Metric Century because of the shape of the map. It only took me about twelve trips to their website for it to dawn on me why the ride was named that. I'm so glad I went to college. Imagine how dense I might have been otherwise.

The county lines aren't visible (at least not readily) on the map, so I offer the following as evidence that we did indeed travel into Greene County.

Rozmo told me to point at the sign with my left hand. My left hand was busy saving me from falling off the post.

In addition to these pictures, Rozmo also took a VERRRRRRRRRRRY flattering one of my backside as I was climbing/stepping up onto that post. Don't think there won't be some payback for THAT. I'm so glad there's a "delete" key.

Katydid and I always wear our UGA jerseys when we do a ride on game day. I was a goober and forgot to wear the matching shorts.

We rode 64 miles, and it was a lovely ride. It started out cool (almost too cool for comfort, but we toughed it out), but the sun FINALLY came out and warmed things up. To make things even better, UGA finally got a win today by a score of 59-0. Okay, so we didn't exactly play a REAL team. But a win is a win. And we hadn't had one since last Thanksgiving, so we'll take it.

This ride was a perfect combination of pluses. #1 - It was closer than the ride we were scheduled to do on this date, which is about two and a half hours away and has a bear of a parking problem. #2 - It had a later start time. #3 - It was in our home county. #4 - Its route took us into a county I wanted to ride in.

The only downside was that the OTHER ride, the one we DIDN'T do, started and ended at the Budweiser plant.

Further proof that you can't have everything.

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DJan said...

Sounds like a real PLUS to me, and you know Bud can be purchased in as much as needed! Great story, congratulations on the Teardrop ride!