Friday, September 9, 2011

Of COURSE I Will Remember.......

I was riding my bike home from school today when I thought of something I could write tonight's blog post about. It was something ironic, and it was from way back in my student teaching days. In fact, there were two different stories, and I was going to call them something absurd like "A Tale of Two Ironies." I thought to myself, "There's no way I'll forget that one."

You can probably guess where this is going. I have no idea what was going to write about. I guess I could go get on my bike and try to recreate the scene in the hope that I might remember, but it's awfully dark outside. I don't think it had anything to DO with bike riding, though. That's just where I got the idea. Maybe it will come back to me next time I'm on my bike. I will know then to stop and put a memo on my iPhone, because clearly my memory isn't to be trusted.

I took a different route home this afternoon, leaving school and going in the opposite direction from my usual route. It seemed like a Friday thing to do. It was a good route, with the exception of having to go through a busy intersection that is usually pretty tame, except for Friday afternoons. It made the 5-mile trip home a 13-mile bike ride, which was just about perfect. The weather was noticeably cooler today, with the first hint of lighter, crisper air. It was still on the warm side, but not like breathing through a wash cloth, as Hubby has described it.

I had a moment of zen when I turned onto our little street. It was the sudden realization that it was the weekend. This four-day week stretched on FOREVER.

Happy Weekend, Y'all!

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