Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#23 - Random Acts of Kindness.....

I feel awkward talking about random acts of kindness. If you publish them, they aren't really random anymore. This one wasn't all that random anyway, since it wasn't something I did for a perfect stranger. But it's been a while since I ticked anything off my 50 Things to Do list, so I'm by golly counting it.

Hubby's great-niece is a very sweet girl who just started high school in our county. She couldn't wait for school to start back, unlike most teenagers. She loves school, she loves reading, and she loves learning. She was born the day Princess Diana died, and she has a brother almost 10 years younger than she. Yes, I realize those two things have nothing to do with one another. In addition, they now have another youngster in the household since this unfortunate incident, so she gets called on a lot to babysit.

She told my mother-in-law the other day that she didn't have any money to eat lunch at school. I realize teenagers are prone to exaggeration (and outright lying, if you can believe that), but I don't get the impression that this girl would resort to that. It wasn't like she was trying to extort money from her great-grandmother, and she's not one to play the sympathy card. Both her parents work, but they haven't always managed their money well. (Who has?)

It didn't bother me so much that she said she didn't have lunch money. It was the fact that her daddy, Hubby's nephew, spent Sunday afternoon at the golf course. Playing a round of golf probably cost him around $70. That would buy her school lunches for more than a month.

What is WRONG with people?

I sent a check to her school via a co-worker, and I emailed her English teacher asking her to tell the girl that her lunch account would have money on it starting tomorrow. I don't want her to know where the money came from, but I realize there may be too many people involved to keep it a secret forever. I don't care. I don't want her to have to go all day without eating lunch.

Maybe it doesn't fit the true definition of random acts of kindness, but I felt better for having done it.

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The girl said...

That was very nice of you! I'm not sure if anyone else would be able to do that for someone.