Friday, September 30, 2011

#38 - Ride my Bike 2500 Miles.....

When I put this item on my 50 Things to Do list, I was pretty sure I would get there. I had monthly goals that would add up to 2500, and most months I was ahead of my monthly goal.

I never dreamed, however, that I would reach my goal of riding my bike 2500 miles in a year with three months still to go.

Rozmo and I did a 56-mile ride today, and the weather was gorgeous. It would have been an absolutely PERFECT day except for a relentless, brutal wind for the last 7-10 miles. It wasn't ALWAYS a headwind, but I'm pretty sure it was NEVER a tailwind.

Here is proof about my cycling goal for the year. In addition to a yearly goal, I've had a goal for each month plus a cumulative goal. Yes, I realize I'm obsessive.

My new goal is going to be 3000 miles, which I should be able to reach if I meet each of the three remaining monthly goals.

I have this thing for chimneys. I tried to snap this one my FIRST time by, but I realized I was taking a video. (Does anyone else do that?) So I turned around and went back, but I still snapped the photo from my bike. I'm taking lessons from Rozmo, but she's a pro.

I loved this shot of the cows feeding. What I didn't realize was that as I approached, some of them would abandon eating because I scared them. I can just imagine the locals as they drove by, noticing us with our cameras. "Citifolk. Humph."

What a wonderful way to start my Fall Break.

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Kelly said...

Congratuations on reaching 2500 miles!

Interesting photo of the cows. They don't feed them that way anywhere around here that I know of.