Sunday, September 18, 2011

Famous Trestle.......

Last weekend, when Hubby and I were in Athens for the UGA football game, we had time to walk along the nearby greenway. Truth be told, we had time to hike a large portion of the Appalachian Trail, because I'm sort of extremely fanatic anxious about getting to the tailgate area early. Shortly after we began our walk we saw this trestle from the path:

It's a semi-famous trestle from a railroad that has long since been abandoned. Its fame comes from the fact that it appeared on the back cover of R.E.M.'s album Murmur.

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I am not familiar with the music of R.E.M., in spite of the fact that we are from the same hometown AND I used to teach with the sister of their lead singer. (She was the teacher for the hearing impaired, and she was hilarious. I was appalled when she had one of them out in the hall one day, and she called him a name. She looked at me and said, "What? He can't hear me.")

There has been much discussion in the newspaper and online about whether or not to attempt to salvage the trestle. There doesn't appear to be a very good reason to save it, other than the fact that it was made famous by one of the local bands that happened to become very popular.

I'm guessing it will eventually be taken down out of concern for public safety. Either that or it will fall of its own accord.

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The girl said...

I think they should save it, but I'm a history and all things old kind of a gal. They should find away to save it and perhaps re-purpose the trestle without tearing it down. I'm sure where there is a will there should also be a way.