Friday, September 2, 2011

Busy Weekend in the ATL.......

I'm guessing there are always a bunch of activities going on in Atlanta on any given weekend. This weekend's itinerary of events looks insane, though. That may be because I happen to be involved with one of them, so I'm paying more attention than usual.

Last night - MLB baseball, pro football, and college football (Georgia Tech)

Tonight - MLB baseball and college football (Georgia State)

Tomorrow - MLB baseball and college football (UGA)

Sunday - MLB baseball and a NASCAR race

To all of the above you can add the additional wild cards of two weekend-long events, Dragoncon and Black Gay Pride.

I wasn't familiar with Dragoncon (I don't get out much), but it's a convention of sorts where participants dress up in various science fiction costumes. That's the extent of my knowledge, and even that may be wrong. One of my students told me she wouldn't be at school today because she was attending Dragoncon. She spends most of every day in my class sleeping, right after she does me the favor of collecting lunch orders from all the teachers and delivering them to the cafeteria. Poor thing....I guess she's just tuckered out from that. Perhaps I'm wrong and Dragoncon is actually a convention at which they hand out high school diplomas. For her sake I hope that is the case.

Hubby and I are leaving at 10:00 tomorrow morning for a one-hour drive in the RV to attend a game that kicks off at 8:00 PM tomorrow night. It's the way I roll. And for some reason Hubby is going along with it. Since our usual Gus-sitter is out of commission, Katydid is going with us. I felt like a louse, inviting her to go to a football game and tell her she can't actually go to the football game. But she will tailgate and party with us, and we'll have the television and satellite hooked up so she can watch the game. I hope she doesn't look for us on t.v. though; I don't think the cameras reach up that high.

Seriously, this is the Chick-Fil-A kickoff game, and it's in the Georgia Dome. We were there for a Chick-Fil-A football event one time when they dropped little beanie cows with parachutes (like in the commercials) down into the seats. The only way we could have gotten one of the toy cows was if they defied gravity, because the place from where they dropped them was BELOW us. If any of you DO decide to look for us on t.v., we'll be the ones wearing red.

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Floridagirl said...

Go DOGS! If the Gators can't win I root for the bulldogs. Especially since we have two in the house (real ones- the kind with stubby faces, wet snorts and lovableness).