Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year('s Eve).........

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, because I think most of the time they just set people up for failure. Besides, I'm already PERFECT the way I am, so why do anything different?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

This year I'm going to make a small New Year's resolution, but I'm sort of hedging my bets.

Here's my resolution: I'm going to be BETTER at housekeeping.

See, that's not very difficult because it won't take much to be better. I don't mean to give the impression that we live in a slovenly mess, but housekeeping isn't high on my list of things to do in my spare time. I keep the laundry done, I never leave dishes overnight, and I try to keep the kitchen swept and mopped in spite of the fact that it's white tile and debris starts showing up even before I have put the mop away. I keep the toilet and sink in the hall bathroom relatively clean (Hubby's bathroom is his own territory, and I leave it to him to clean it. Or not.) because that's the one guests have to use when they are here. The floor in the hall bathroom is absolutely unmanageable. It has 40-year-old tile, and the grout was stained with red mud even before Hubby moved into the house. If I win the lottery tonight, that bathroom is first on my list of things to redo. Oh wait.... I'll probably get a new house.

So there's my New Year's resolution. I'm going to be a better housekeeper. I'm not going to be perfect, you will NEVER be able to eat off my floors, and Better Homes and Gardens will never schedule a photo shoot here. My mother will never visit without pursing her lips and shaking her head. But I'm going to do better. And I won't even mind, because the extra time it will take will be harvested from my NOT having a part-time online teaching job in addition to my regular one. I am so looking forward to coming home and NOT having to jump on the computer immediately to grade assignments. What a relief.

As I look back on 2010, again this year I have chosen a favorite blog from each month. They aren't necessarily the most frequently commented-on blogs, perhaps not the wittiest, certainly not the most fraught with deep meaning, but they're the ones I chose as I reviewed the entire year. If you've already read them once, don't feel obligated to read them again.

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June - My BRAG Peeps

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August - Some of My Proudest Moments as a Parent

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October - My Imaginary Friend

November - Musings About Cycling in Mississippi

December - Dear Gym Dogs

Happy New Year!


DJan said...

Thanks for the favorites. Since I only recently started following you, this will be a treat. Happy New Year to you, dear Bragger!

Evil Pixie said...

We'e decided to do something new this year... The only resolution we're making is for Naughty Pixie to crack open her cookbooks and once a month she has to make an entire meal from her cookbooks, and it cannot be something she's ever cooked before. Actually, it is her resolution but I'm embracing it. :)

Happy New Year!!