Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Randomness........

It's possible .... not probable, but possible .... that I have become too electronic. Right now my iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and Nintendo DS are all charging.

Tonight's football game between Minnesota and Philadelphia has been postponed until Tuesday because of dangerously cold weather. Has the weather become that much more extreme in my lifetime, or have we become a nation of softies? I remember a time when professional football would be played in whatever weather there was. I'm not saying it's a BAD thing that officials are being more cautious these days. I'm just saying it's noteworthy.

As of two and a half hours ago, I have a new great-nephew. Plans were for him to arrive by Caesarean section on Tuesday, but we all know how well babies adhere to plans. Instead he came on a snowy day-after-Christmas, all 10 pounds and 9 ounces of him.

Even though we have leash laws in our county, there are three dogs in our neighborhood that roam freely. They aren't nuisances for the most part, but one of them has taken to jumping the fence INTO our yard. Not only does that make Libby bark furiously (but not furiously enough to scare him off, mind you), but he also helps himself to Libby's food. Just what we needed - another mouth to feed. Luckily he also knows how to jump back over.

For someone who hates to cook, I also have an aversion to the microwave. I will use it to thaw out frozen soup, for example, and then pour the soup into a saucepan to heat it up. Somehow I have the idea that it tastes different or something.

If you're planning a trip to Jamaica anytime soon, stick to shopping in the duty-free shops. I found a receipt from the Harley-Davidson store, and that was the first time I realized the sales tax was 17.5%.

Christmas isn't the same if you don't have small children. No wonder people keep having babies.

Another (unwelcome) sign of middle age: I can't remember the last time I managed to sleep through the night. Even over-the-counter sleep aids aren't helping.

In four days' time I went from lying on a beach with a frozen drink in my hand to scraping snow off my car. Guess which one I prefer?

For Hubby's birthday (New Year's Day), I bought him a new propane heater for the golf cart. He has a cover for the cart, and the heater makes it pretty comfy on a cold day. He called me from the golf course the other day to ask if I still had the receipt, because it wouldn't work. (I didn't. I don't think.) Then he called back to say it needed a battery. "Yes," I said, "it's right here with the owner's manual." I took both to the golf course.

The buddy that Hubby texts back and forth with all the time (and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth) texted him today to say that his 4-year-old had received some new clothes as part of his Christmas present from his grandparents. His son announced to everyone, "I'm not very happy about this."

I have to go to the doctor's office first thing in the morning, before the frozen snow will have had a chance to melt. I'm not very happy about this.


Lilith said...

I had the thought that the NFL postponed the game not because the players are softies, but maybe because they don't want to endanger the lives of their fans. That maybe they didn't want to risk people getting killed on nasty roads while driving to and from the game.

Just a thought!

DJan said...

I too have a bunch of stuff plugged in and charging. It's become a different world, I'd say. Stay warm and safe inside!! At least you managed to get home, which is more than some people can say. They are stranded...

Kelly said...

I haven't slept through the night in several years. I've gotten use to it.

No snow here...or rain. We need moisture, though, so I hope we get some rain soon.