Thursday, December 2, 2010

To Decorate or Not to Decorate.....

Last year at Christmas I was in a bit of a funk and couldn't decide whether or not I wanted to decorate the house for the holidays. My decorating has dwindled over the years anyway, and putting up a tree is about all I do anymore. I put out a few doo-dads, but I don't bother with the lighted wreaths on the windows (sorry I made you buy 8 of them, Hubby), or the lights on the front of the house, or the garland around the porch railing.

It's odd that I was in a funk LAST year. Because for the Christmases of 2004 and 2007, Sweet Girl was in the Persian Gulf on an aircraft carrier, and THAT'S logically when I should have been all anti-Christmasy. I do remember being in a bit of a depression that first year. I finally decorated the tree, and as I was sliding it into place, it toppled over, and naturally the only ornaments that broke were a couple of Sweet Girl's collectible ones. I burst into tears and then proceeded to eBay, where all things broken can be fixed. Almost.

After Hubby and I married (I think), I started the tradition of decorating the day after Thanksgiving. I would spend the day watching college football and/or listening to Christmas music while Hubby stayed out of my way played golf. That was when he was working, and Friday was one of his only two days off. Last year on Thanksgiving we took the RV for our very first two-night trip, so we weren't here to decorate the day after. We were also at a campground without cable t.v., so we couldn't watch college football. I thought we would both go into withdrawal before we got home on Saturday.

I debated whether or not I would even bother with the tree. I blogged about my indecision, and eventually I DID put the tree up, and it was beautiful. It has all white lights, which I love, but Hubby would prefer the multi-colored ones. Sweet Girl would prefer a real tree, but she doesn't live here anymore. She also hates the ribbons I tie on the tree, but I insist on having them. I have collected many ornaments over the years, and I relive some special memories every time I put them on the tree.

This year we were again away from home the day after Thanksgiving, this time at Sweet Girl's house. We came home on Friday, and I am embarrassed to say that I. Never. Thought. About. Putting. Up. A. Tree. It seriously never crossed my mind until I read Frogger Blogger's post about getting their decorations out of the attic.

In the words of Homer Simpson, "Doh!"

Just tonight Hubby asked if I planned to put up the tree this year.

I guess I will, but it seems almost pointless. We don't have visitors during the holidays, we don't have any children at home, and we don't have any presents to put under the tree. Hubby's daughter and granddaughter come over right before lunch on Christmas Day, we open presents in a hurry and then scurry down to Hubby's mother's house for lunch. She lives at the end of our road, LITERALLY a stone's throw away (well, maybe a Frisbee in a stiff wind), and we are always the last ones there.

This weekend we will be gone again for what is probably our last RV trip of the year. Then we are going to Jamaica for 4 days the week before Christmas. So really, is there a point?


Anonymous said...

Now would be a good time to get a 3 or 4 foot tree. You could decorate it and then just throw a contractors bag over it at the end of the season, shove it in a closet or attic until next year, and pull it out again already decorated. Brilliant, yes?

Kelly said...

I agree with Neena. Or even go the "tabletop" tree route.

I threaten every year to quit decorating, but as long as at least one kid comes in to help me I keep on doing it. And...they do come here to celebrate on Christmas Eve (including the granddaughter), so I guess it should look festive.

Maggie said...

Ditto all other comments. (Though a part of me also thinks, why bother. It's my dark side.)

Julie said...

Don't do it for your kids. Do it for yourself1 This Christmas doesn't look too promising for me, but I decided I'm still getting a tree. We're off to buy a small live one that we'll plant next spring. We did the same thing last year and my boys did complain a bit about the tree's small stature, but it's just so lovely to have something fresh and green and in the house, plus it cost about the same as a cut tree.