Sunday, December 19, 2010

Confusing Counties in Georgia.....

Because I'm actually in Jamaica when you are reading this, I'm not even going to apologize for wasting your time with the silliness of this post. I'm also not going to apologize for being in Jamaica. Sorry. You can't reach me down here.

This is further proof that I either have way too much time on my hands or....... I just have way too much time on my hands.

Georgia has more counties than any other state except Texas. Like many states, Georgia has many counties and towns that are named after people. Mostly dead people. I guess actually they are ALL dead.

What I have never understood, though, is the fact that Georgia has a whole host of towns and counties that share the same name. But MOST OF THEM are NOT IN THOSE COUNTIES. I don't know if that's just a Georgia thing or if the same thing happens in other states.

Bear with me here.

First of all, I would like to commend the well-behaved towns that are placed in what I consider the appropriate counties.

  • Franklin Springs is in Franklin County. (That sounds funny...."Franklin Springs IS.....")
  • Dooling is in Dooly County.
  • Douglasville is in Douglas County.
  • Dawsonville is in Dawson County.
  • Fayetteville is in Fayette County.
  • Lincolnton is in Lincoln County.
  • Irwinville is in Irwin County (but Irwinton is NOT, as you will discover should you actually continue reading this blog post).
  • Leesburg is in Lee County.
  • Tifton is in Tift County.
  • Talbotton is in Talbot County,
  • Greensboro is in Greene County (but Greenville is NOT).
  • Elberton is in Elbert County (the county where my mother and brother live).
  • Warrenton is in Warren County.
  • Carrollton is in Carroll County (which is where I think my mother SHOULD live, since her name is Carol Carroll).
  • Hartwell is in Hart County.
  • Thomasville is in Thomas County (but Thomaston is NOT).

Many of our towns and counties are not so well-behaved, though. Some are just plain out of place. I offer the following as evidence:

  • Lumpkin is NOT in Lumpkin County. It's in Stewart County.
  • Fort Stewart is NOT in Stewart County, it's in Liberty County. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha - It's an Army base, and it's in Liberty County. Isn't that a scream? I'm hilarious.)
  • Forsyth is NOT in Forsyth County, it's in Monroe County.
  • Monroe is NOT in Monroe County, it's in Walton County.
  • Clayton is NEITHER in Clay County nor Clayton County, but instead in Rabun County.
  • Neither Clarkston nor Clarkesville is in Clarke County. Clarkston is in DeKalb County, and Clarkesville is in Habersham County.
  • Madison is NOT in Madison County, it's in Morgan County,
  • Morgan is NOT in Morgan County, it's in Calhoun County.
  • Calhoun is NOT in Calhoun County, it's in Gordon County.
  • Gordon is NOT in Gordon County, it's in Wilkinson County.
  • Greenville is NOT in Greene County, it's in Meriwether County.
  • Neither White nor Whitesburg is in White County. White is in Bartow County, Whitesburg is in Catoosa County.
  • Bartow is NOT in Bartow County, it's in Jefferson County.
  • Neither Jeffersonville nor Jefferson is in Jefferson County. Jeffersonville is in Twiggs County; Jefferson is in Jackson County.
  • Jackson is NOT in Jackson County, it's in Butts County. (Hee hee.... "Butts County" .... am I in middle school or what?)
  • Marion is NOT in Marion County, it's in Twiggs County.
  • Stephens is NOT in Stephens County, it's in Oglethorpe County.
  • Fort Oglethorpe is NOT in Oglethorpe County, it's in Catoosa County.
  • Oglethorpe is also NOT in Oglethorpe County, it's in Macon County.
  • Macon is NOT in Macon County, it's in Bibb County.
  • Toomsboro is NOT in Toombs County (possibly because they aren't even spelled the same and I'm stretching things here), it's in Wilkinson County.
  • Screven is NOT in Screven County, it's in Wayne County.
  • Neither Waynesville nor Waynesboro is in Wayne County. Waynesville is in unincorporated Brantley County (and possibly doesn't even count, but it's my blog) and Waynesboro is in Burke County.
  • Neither Thomaston nor Thomson (which many Georgia residents insist upon pronouncing "ThomPson") is in Thomas County. Thomaston is in Upson County, and Thomson is in McDuffie County.
  • Worth is NOT in Worth County, it's in Turner County.
  • Dawson is NOT in Dawson County, it's in Terrell County. 
  • Neither Crawfordville nor Crawford is in Crawford County. Crawfordville is in Taliaferro County (which is pronounced "Toliver," like "Oliver" with a "T" in front of it. No, I don't have any idea either.), and Crawford is in Oglethorpe County.
  • Harrisburg is NOT in Harris County, it's in Baldwin County.
  • Baldwin is NOT in Baldwin County, it's in Banks and Habersham. I know this town, and believe me, it ain't big enough to warrant two counties.
  • Oconee is NOT in Oconee County (where I grew up, thank you very much), but in Washington County.
  • Washington is NOT in Washington County, but in Wilkes County. 
  • Jasper is NOT in Jasper County, it's in Pickens County.
  • Mitchell is NOT in Mitchell County, it's in Glascock County. (Glass cock.... tee hee.... middle school again)
  • Douglas is NOT in Douglas County, it's in Coffee County. (And Coffee County is right next to Bacon County, and the fact that I find that hilarious is just one teeny tiny step above middle school.)
  • Montgomery is NOT in Montgomery County, it's in Chatham County.
  • Lanier is NOT in Lanier County, it's in Bryan County.
  • Atkinson is NOT in Atkinson County, it's in Brantley County.
  • Newton is NOT in Newton County, it's in Baker County.
  • Colquitt is NOT in Colquitt County, it's in Miller County.
  • Murrayville is NOT in Murray County, it's in Hall County. (We used to tailgate with the former mayor of Murrayville. You have absolutely zero need for that information, just like the rest of this blog post.)
  • Brooks is NOT in Brooks County, it's in Fayette County.
  • Glennville is NOT in Glynn County (another stretch here, but it's still my blog), it's in Tattnall County.
  • Irwinton is NOT in Irwin County, it's in Wilkinson County.
  • Columbus is NOT in Columbia County, it's in Muscogee County.
  • Decatur is NOT in Decatur County, it's in DeKalb County.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled lives. Goodbye from Jamaica.


Kelly said...

Wow! This post took some major research!

KatyDid53 said...

What the hell was this?! Where did you even get this idea? And just how much energy do you HAVE?

Anonymous said...

please tell me you didn't know this information off the top of your head!?

O' Tim said...

There's no Whitesburg here in Catoosa County (plenty of whites and burgs, though). Perhaps it died and went to Carroll County ;)