Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Conversations with Hubby......

Here's a conversation I had with Hubby last night:

Me:     What would you like for dinner? BLT or cheesy chicken?

Hubby:     BLT.

Me:     Did you say "BLT" because you know I'm exhausted and I don't really feel like cooking anything? That's really sweet.

Hubby:    No, I said "BLT" because I don't really care for cheesy chicken.


Here's a conversation we had tonight.

Hubby:     What's for dinner, cheesy chicken?

Me:     Yes, sorry. It's either that or chili.

Hubby:     That's okay, I've had enough chili for a while.

Me:     Reckon you'll be over that by tomorrow night?

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DJan said...

Nice to have such an accommodating hubby! :-)