Thursday, December 16, 2010

Further Proof that Educated Doesn't Necessarily Mean Smart.....

One day last week I got a text message from Hubby late in the day. All it said was:

"Fats Domino today"?

I puzzled over it, but only for a moment. Then the light went on, and I thought to myself, "How did he know I was planning to have pizza for dinner?"

I texted back "Shoot yeah." Because I don't like to use profanity in text messages when I'm sending them from school. I have a few morals. Okay, one. Moral.

Never mind that what I had in mind for dinner was a FROZEN pizza. A $2.99 versus a $10.75 one. (Side note: The pizza that we have ordered for almost all of the 14 years we have cohabited has gone DOWN in price by about two dollars. I can't help but be suspicious.)

(Another side note: I just learned that "cohabitated" is not a word.)

Never mind that when we DO order a pizza, it isn't from Domino's. We feel obligated to order from another pizza join in town just because we spend part of every weekend, particular Super Bowl Sunday, and many rainy nights answering the phone for this pizza joint.

I felt so clever for figuring out Hubby's cryptic message.

It reminded me of when Sweet Girl was in the Persian Gulf. She couldn't tell me where they were GOING, but she could tell me when they got there. So she would email me messages that I couldn't figure out for the life of me, but Hubby got them right away. Like the time she emailed "we saw the big rock at Stone Mountain today." I was very confused, since Stone Mountain is in Georgia and Sweet Girl was on the other side of the world, and Stone Mountain couldn't be seen from the deck of a ship anyway, but Hubby immediately said, "They went by the Rock of Gibraltar." When they were headed back from the Gulf, she didn't know where they were going, but there were several choices. When she found out their destination, she still couldn't tell me where they were going. So she emailed me this message: "Diana wants to see my mouse pad." No terrorist could ever figure that one out, and neither could I. Turns out they were going to England. Sweet Girl was fascinated by Princess Diana, and my mother had brought back a mouse pad with some London reference on it when she was there. I would make a terrible code breaker.

Back to the present. Or at least the not-so-distant past.

When I got home from school that day, excited for YET ANOTHER dinner I didn't have to cook (frozen pizza doesn't qualify as cooking, not even in my world), I asked Hubby, "Are we going to walk today?"

He gave me a blank look.

I gave him a blank look right back.

"Didn't you get my email?" (He often says email when he means text message, and I don't nitpick. Because I want to be precise, though, I'm telling you what he really said and what he really meant. I apologize for the preceding two sentences.)

Turns out that his Fats Domino reference wasn't about pizza at all. He was referring to this song.

And I was so proud of myself for figuring out that he wanted pizza for dinner.

We still had pizza.


DJan said...

Hilarious! Communication is an art, and sometimes the artists don't realize how theirs is being interpreted. I know this one, trust me. sometimes I think my guy and I were really born on different planets.

Maggie said...

I love it! OMG- hilarious!

At least you still got pizza.