Sunday, December 5, 2010

Camping Trip.....

Just a few photos to document our latest trip in the RV.

This state park is only about 25 miles from our house. It is a beautiful place, complete with horseback trails and a golf course. Katydid and I stayed there in the RV last spring when the spring bicycle ride was in a nearby town. I didn't realize it was once a national park and was turned over to the state of Georgia in 1946.

Maybe it's only because it's Christmas time, but I was fascinated by the combination of the red berries and the shiny green leaves on this tree. Gus and I were exploring while Hubby went into the Trading Post.

It's hard to see, but there appears to be a tree growing out of this rock. We hiked a couple of miles through the woods.

This park's trails were well marked, and there were many bridges. They had numbered markers indicating interesting features of the landscape.

I don't know what's up with this tree. I don't know if it is riddled with insect damage or if it is diseased. And I didn't have the heart to tell Hubby I didn't want him in the picture.

The path we walked was called "Beaverdam Pond." We didn't see any beavers or dam, but we did see the pond. And this little stream.

Gus thinks he knows the way just because we allow him off the leash. There were only 7 occupied campsites in the whole park, so we figured it was safe to allow him to walk through the woods untethered.

Hubby's texting doesn't stop just because we are hiking through the woods.

Gus is saying, "Come ON, Dad. Can't you text those yo-yos later?"

I found this .... plant? .... interesting. It's not easy to find pretty foliage to photograph in December, even in a state park.

This was likely our last RV trip until the spring. If it were up to me, we would go somewhere every weekend. Well maybe one weekend a month. I don't know why Hubby is reluctant to go in cold weather. We have a VERY nice heater, proven by the fact that I was sitting around sweating yesterday. It was nice to get out in the crisp air and take a long walk yesterday.

It was so refreshing that after we got home this morning, I went to our OWN state park (I consider it ours because it's only half a mile from our house, and we go there several times a week to walk) and took a walk by myself. No dogs, no Hubby, just me and my MP3 player. The water in the lake is still very low, but it's coming back very slowly.

Two weeks from today I will be in a warm place..............


DJan said...

And where will that warm place be? Should I already know? Darn, I'm following too many blogs but I can't stop! Nice pictures.

Kelly said...

Some wonderful photos here!