Monday, January 25, 2010

The Ghost of 615......

On her last Persian Gulf cruise (don't you love how they call it a CRUISE?), Sweet Girl sent me an email that circulated through her command. Attached was a photograph taken of one of their helicopters, taken as they prepared to depart from a refueling stop.

Apparently there had been some trouble with this helicopter, 615. Not dangerous things, just eerie events.

In this photograph, you can clearly see one of the pilots flashing "peace" signs from the cockpit. Is it a cockpit on a helicopter? I'm not sure, but I'm sure Sweet Girl will set me straight. That's why we have children, after all, for them to correct us.

Both pilots are helmeted and goggled (is that an appropriate adjective?), as they should be.

And the guy in the middle pane of the windshield, the one who is NOT helmeted and goggled?

Well, he's in a lot of trouble.

Because he's NOT THERE.

See the face, right there above the papers that are above the number 5?

There is no one there.

Both pilots swear there could not have been anyone else in the helicopter. The back part (which has a name -- tunnel? -- but I'm not sure) was piled with gear and bags. Anyone who WAS in the back of the helo had to be seated and strapped in, as they were preparing for takeoff. Apparently it's not at all like CIS Miami, where random passengers/investigators/stowaways hang over the pilots' shoulders and shout instructions at them.

Do they have helicopters on CIS Miami? Perhaps I should have chosen a television show that I have actually seen for my silly analogy.

But I'm pretty sure they don't have helicopters on Dancing with the Stars.

My dear friend Wanda the Warrior Princess shrieks at me when I don't believe her ghost tales and am skeptical of the idea of anything being haunted.

But even I can't explain that picture.

If you can, just keep it to yourself.


Maggie said...

Okay really sort of creepy.....

Neena said...

I love creepy stuff!!!

Starry wonder said...

First of all, tunnel is correct, second of all it's CSI Miami, not CIS Miami, just a note! =) Big cheeze grin here...