Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Not Iowa, Is it?........

When Katydid and I first started cycling, we heard stories about RAGBRAI and how much fun it was and how we ought to do it someday. Katydid moved away, but I rode in RAGBRAI in 2004. It was everything people said it was, and more. It is a moving party of an estimated 20,000 cyclists across the state of Iowa every July. I told Hubby it was something I had always wanted to do once in my life. In 2006 I started working on him early to justify going back again. I wrote a couple of posts about RAGBRAI, like this one and this one, that has just brought tears to my eyes upon rereading it. And I wrote it. Maybe the tears are because I don't write like that all the time.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah....

Now I have an opportunity to do a bicycle ride in Wisconsin this summer. I told Hubby I would never ride in RAGBRAI again. But that didn't exclude all the other 48 states, did it? (BRAG is an absolute given.) He's retired now, he can even go with me (and take the comforts of the motorhome along with us) if he wants to. I'm not sure it would be much fun for him, but I've been on many a golf & gambling trip that weren't much.... okay, so I did have fun.

My first thought was that if we went to Wisconsin I could go see my cousin Dana (short "a", rhymes with banana) who lives in Green Bay. My favorite .... wait, do any of my cousins read this blog? ..... okay, my very favorite cousin in the whole world. Upon further research today, however, I discovered that the area where we would be riding is 6 hours away from Green Bay. Bummer. But I'm still thinking about it.

The downside is that Katydid can't go. She is using one of her weeks of vacation to do BRAG, and the other is for a cruise with the Barracuda in March. Poor choice in my opinion, but nobody asked me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I will only consider the bicycle trip to Wisconsin if at the very least either Rozmo or VT can go. Hubby taking the motorhome along would just be a plus.

As long as it isn't Iowa, it's fair, right?


Maggie said...

Ya know. southern Wisconsin is really close to me- I bet you drive right through my state and maybe even just a few miles from my house... if you go on this ride, email me so we can chat about a possible visit! I could buy you two supper!

Mark said...

If you want to be near Green Bay you should consider SAGBRAW. Two of the overnight towns are just 30 miles from Green Bay.

And it's the week after RAGBRAI, I did them back-to-back 5 years ago and SAGBRAW was a very nice stretching excercize after RAGBRAI.


Bragger said...

Mark, we actually considered SAGBRAW, but the communists I work for make us go back to school in late July. :)

Julie said...