Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lying Weatherman.....

I'm glad we were smart enough to believe what we felt on our skin instead of what the lying weather people told us.

It was supposed to be warm enough to ride bicycles today. Team Chi-Chis scheduled an informal ride from a location that is (fairly) convenient for all of us. The high was supposed to be around 56 or 57.

That's doable on a bike.

Then they started hedging. Maybe 54. Or 52. That doesn't seem like such a huge difference, but keep in mind that we are constantly moving. At blazing speeds.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Then they said there would be NO sun today, that the cloud cover would be in place all day long. I was skeptical, since the sun came out beautifully yesterday and warmed things up some.

But we canceled, and boy am I glad we did.

I don't think it got out of the 40's today. And I didn't get out of the recliner. Much.

Hubby played golf, but he used his brand-new golf cart cover, complete with a propane heater. He says you have to love the game of golf to play in conditions like these. I have my own ideas about what that indicates, but I'll just keep those to myself.

It's just as well that we didn't ride. I got home from South Carolina at 2:00 AM. I am getting way too old to stay out that late. I don't intend to do it ever again.

Until next Friday night, when I may . . . may . . . may just travel to Alabama for a gymnastics meet.

I have a very short memory.

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Maggie said...

ya know I wonder how weather people keep their jobs. if i were wrong as often as they were I would be fired.

I'll cross my fingers for good weather for next time!