Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Scared......

I have tentatively agreed to go on what is to be MY first bicycle ride of 2010 this Saturday, and I'm scared.

Scared that it will be too cold.

Scared that it will rain.

Scared that it will be windy.

Scared that I will whine.

Scared that I will suffer two flat tires like I did the last time we rode from this particular location.

Scared that I won't be able to keep up.

Scared that I don't have enough cycling clothes to layer sufficiently.

Scared that my fingers will freeze, because once again I have failed to buy cold-weather cycling gloves that actually have fingers in them.

Scared that I will get back home so late tomorrow night from going with my friend WWP to take her teenage son to a concert that I will regret agreeing to ride at 10:00 AM on Saturday. [We aren't going to the concert, just dropping him and girlfriend off. We're going to take our laptops and sit in a coffee shop somewhere and watch the gymnastics meet from Utah on the computer. We're dorks that way.]

Scared that the Gym Dogs will suffer another loss tomorrow night. Oh... that has nothing to do with cycling.

Scared that I will forget the route again and cause us to make a wrong turn. That adds mileage. I don't like to add mileage.

Scared that Katydid will see that I bought two new water bottles for the tandem and refuse to ride with me. We have three cages. We crave symmetry. I don't know why I only bought two bottles.

Scared that I will look pretty stupid on the tandem by myself.

Scared that I'm going to have to face shaving these legs. I KNOW I will have on tights, but the hairs might just stick through at this point. You're welcome for that visual.

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