Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random Musings.....

I'm taking a cue from my friend Maggie for tonight's blog topic. It seems an appropriate Sunday night thing to do.

  • Laziness breeds laziness. The less I did today, the less I WANTED to do. I did manage a few basic chores.
  • I loved, loved, loved the book The Other Boleyn Girl. I have done my online book club friends a huge favor by NOT choosing this book for our February book.
  • I think after I finish my current crocheting projects, including an afghan I've not started but for which I've already bought the yarn, I'm going to go back to my cathedral window quilt. I've got too much time invested in it not to finish it.
  • I don't know why we have to have such a thing as winter. Anything below 60 degrees is too cold for me.
  • Our gymnastics coach says the team is "underachieving" right now. Ya think?
  • Filing our taxes on January 31st makes me nervous. I'm always afraid some random document will arrive in next week's mail and screw everything up. But once I start on them, I want to get it over with.
  • I don't like automated telephone calls. They don't have a "Yes, but....." option. Nor can you say, "Only if my insurance is going to cover it in full."
  • In one section of my online course, I have 9 students. Two are passing. Six of them started last week and have averages in the single digits. Wonder what they THOUGHT they were going to have to do to get credit for the course?
  • I hate calling parents of failing students. I am required to, and I know it is a case of C.Y.A., but it makes me uncomfortable. Afterward I'm always glad I did, though.
  • Recently I have found a few gray hairs. And I like them.
  • I'm going to miss football. I have to wait 216 days for college football to start again.
  • I hope no one is keeping up with me exclusively on Facebook. I forget to check it for days at a time.
  • I am a little disturbed that the Apple folks named their new gadget the iPad. Do they not have any women employees there?
  • I procrastinated all day about grading my online assignments. Still got them done and grades updated. So there.
Good night!

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Maggie said...

Love it! And I've giggled immaturely over the iPad.