Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Only the Long Ones Hurt......

Get your minds out of the gutter!

We have altered our route to the casino in Mississippi, leaving the interstate much earlier than we used to. The new route takes us through some very rural, lightly traveled country roads (is that redundant if I already called them rural?), but it cuts about 30 minutes off the trip. So far (**knock knock**) we have never run into any problems with slow cars or logging trucks getting into a most dangerous place, between us and the casino.

The roads do take us through some logging areas, one of which has prompted this silly little post. One of Hubby's buddies accompanied us this time, and he made a comment about a sign when we passed it.

I so wish I had stopped to take a picture of it. Even on the way home, when we weren't NEARLY in as big a hurry. I may take a picture of it next time we go, but it won't have the same impact, will it, since I will have already written about it?

We've seen this sign every time we've driven that route. I've read it every time, but the silliness of it never sank in until Wayne commented about it.

I haven't been able to stop laughing about it ever since.

Next to one of the places where logging trucks enter the road, there is a sign that says:


Like I said, it didn't seem all that significant to me, until Wayne asked,

"I guess the short ones don't hurt if you run into one of them?"

You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives and pretend you never had to read this post.



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Maggie said...

I'm a huge fan of weird signs. And this one is GREAT! You MUST take a picture when you see it again! Love it!