Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Test Post.........

I'm testing whether or not I can post from my Crackberry, as my students call it. My entire decision of whether or not to go on RAGBRAI next summer might hinge on this. Oh yeah....and a potential divorce.


Well it worked, but I'm not sure I want to do a post of any great length using only my thumbs.

I first rode in RAGBRAI in 2004, and I explained to hubby that it was like him playing golf at Pebble Beach. RAGBRAI is the granddaddy of all bicycle rides, and I couldn't turn down a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Well, maybe twice-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Because I went back in 2006. RAGBRAI is a week-long bicycle ride across Iowa, but from Georgia it turns into a 10-day trip. Hubby doesn't like for me to be away from home that long. Isn't that sweet? Or maybe he just runs out of laundry. And food. My world's-last-perfect-man's only flaw is that he doesn't cook. But I don't either, much, so maybe that isn't it. Whatever.

On the last trip to Iowa, I called hubby from some semi-remote spot in the middle of Iowa and said, and I quote myself, "If I ever mention RAGBRAI again, I hope you pop me right in the mouth." It wasn't that I didn't love Iowa; it's just a long, arduous, complex event very much unlike BRAG, our own cross-state ride. He agreed that I had accomplished it twice, and I ride across Georgia every summer, so I didn't need to do it anymore. (We won't mention the number of times he has played our local golf course, and many more throughout the state, but he continues to make that a weekly, twice-weekly, sometimes thrice-weekly activity.) Plus this is the way I felt many days on RAGBRAI:

Not really, I was just hamming for the camera.

But now the RAGBRAI bug has bitten again. There will be a BRAG contingent to Iowa next July, and I've been invited to go. **Come on, Rozmo, you know you want to go too.** Katydid, also known as my stoker, has indicated she might not be able to ride BRAG next summer because it possibly conflicts with the vacation time of a co-worker. So I proposed to her that we ride RAGBRAI instead. I think every cyclist should experience RAGBRAI at least once in his/her lifetime. It's something she and I have dreamed of ever since we started cycling back in 1992. Iowa isn't flat, but we can keep our fingers crossed that it won't be a killer on the tandem.

Now I know that I can post to my blog while we're out there. If I can only figure out a way to mention it to hubby before next July..........


KatyDid53 said...

Iowa ain't happenin' on the tandem, chick!

Anonymous said...

that is pretty freakin long for thumbs!!!