Saturday, November 22, 2008

Habla Espanol?...........

We stopped at Wally-World tonight on the way home to pick up a few things. Cat food mainly, because Big Brutus questions us unmercifully anytime we come home from the store.

Big Brutus: Meow?



We proceeded to the self check-out, in spite of the fact that the machine talks way too loudly, and we usually have something go wrong with the scanner, and everyone in three counties knows it. I don't know why such a seemingly simple machine should stump us so often, but it does. Plus we were buying beer, which automatically meant the self check-out checker person would have to come over and verify that we were over the legal age to buy alcohol.

For some reason that remains unclear to me, hubby pressed the button for Espanol instead of English. So the loud mechanical female voice informed everyone in three counties IN SPANISH that we didn't know what we were doing.

The pictures would have helped. Except I was laughing too hysterically to see them.

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