Monday, November 24, 2008

If I Only Had a Brain.....

Actually, if my brain only worked like a computer.

I was signing a student's agenda for permission to go to the bathroom/office/water fountain today (see, I can't remember THAT, but..... that inability will become important here in just a moment or two) when I realized today was my ex's birthday.

I don't NEED that information.

Why can't I just delete random facts I no longer need? I don't EVER intend to send him another card. I DO NOT wish him a happy birthday. I only wish he would STOP HAVING birthdays. Okay, maybe that's a little harsh. Unless, of course, you know him. (He is not my baby daddy, so it's okay for me to feel that way.)

I can recite random zip codes of towns all over Georgia. Mom used to own a mailing service (they specialized in junk mail, but I'm not allowed to use that term), and I've been addressing envelopes and typing addresses all my life. So it used to come in quite handy to be able to spout off zip codes without having to look them up.

I don't NEED that information anymore.

It can be quite embarrassing. A few years ago, on a bike ride (of course), I met a man who said he was from Perry, Georgia. Before I could stop myself, I said "31069." He picked up his cafeteria tray and moved to another table, if I recall correctly.

A co-worker came into my classroom the other day asking about pizza deliveries in our town, and I reeled off the phone number of not one but two of them. Okay, one of them has our home phone number but with the digits in reverse order, but the other one I haven't had a reason to call in probably 15 years. And they stopped delivering years ago.

I don't NEED that information.

I remember license plate numbers of people I was in high school with. Cheryl (DAU555) and Ronnie (CAC500) and Amanda (ENG300) stopped driving those cars thirty years ago. They've probably been crushed and melted. So why am I cluttering up my brain with useless information?

If only our brains could be like computers. With the click of a mouse, we could delete unwanted files, defrag the hard drive, and make more room in our brains for stuff we really need. Like where I might have put that $30 and grocery store receipt from a couple of weeks ago.


KatyDid53 said...

I always make the comment that I don't have room on the hard drive for everything. I try NOT to remember anything I can look up! It is a curse, probably runs in the family. I too am a wealth of useless information!

AmandaSue : ] said...

See I Think you are lucky. I wish that I could remember more stuff. I can't remember you've probably noticed... I often have to ask Hillary if I know people lol. That is sad.

Anonymous said...

You're creepy like me! I'm glad you're my friend!