Saturday, November 8, 2008

All or Nothing.......

I tend to have an "all or nothing" attitude about several things, and it causes me trouble.

I think to myself, "I don't have time to clean the house completely from top to bottom, so I won't do anything at all." If I would just do several small things every day, I wouldn't have such a problem. Even when I DO have time to clean from top to bottom, it seems I never get finished. There's always something to do.

"I haven't exercised all this week, so why bother now?" Well that's obviously a self-defeating statement from the beginning. I've got to start somewhere. Actually, I did start somewhere today. I went to aerobics at the "Y" for the first time in months. But if I miss a day, I have this attitude that I've blown my consecutive days record (who exactly is counting, I wonder?) and I give up.

"I can't possibly grade everything I need to grade. So I'll just play a computer game instead." Sigh. No wonder I stay so far behind.

When I AM in the zone, I tend to be obsessive. I once lost 50 pounds on the Weight Watchers program, and it was because I. Did. Not. Deviate. In those days I counted every point, every bite, every calorie. And I exercised twice a day on many days. But it was hard to sustain, and naturally I gained the weight back. I kept if off for about 3 years, but it started creeping back up.

It DID work for smoking. I put cigarettes down and never touched them again. If only I could do food that way.

I can't attest to how obsessive I am about house work, because it's never happened.

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