Thursday, November 27, 2008

Things to be Thankful for...

  • I won't have to put any toys together for Christmas
  • Sweet Girl is NOT in the Persian Gulf this year
  • I don't have to be disappointed that hubby didn't get tickets to the SEC Championship game this year
  • We don't have a mortgage
  • Our Spring Break trip is already paid for
  • We don't have to go into debt to buy Christmas gifts
  • College gymnastics will start soon
  • Only 1282 days until I retire
  • Only 431 days until hubby retires
  • Billy Joel is going on tour again next year with Elton John
  • Reruns of Newhart are still funny
  • Cloris Leachman probably will NOT be on Dancing with the Stars next season
  • Advertisements for the run-off elections can only last 5 more days
  • Families are still the cheapest form of entertainment

1 comment:

Ann(ie) said...

You don't have a mortgage???? I wanna be you!!
Happy belated Turkey Day!! I'm finally getting off my bum and going private today, but can you send me your email again? I want to make sure I have it. xo.
annmiller71 at comcast dot net.