Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Endings.....

Before I went out of town last weekend, I realized I had lost my necklace. I'm not that big on jewelry. I wear the same rings and necklace all the time. I do change out my earrings, but I never remove my rings or necklace, even when I sleep or swim.

So by the time I realized my necklace was gone, I had no idea when I'd last been aware of it. I figured the most likely place for it to be was in the hamper, where I had accidentally pulled it off over my head with a t-shirt.

I forgot to look for it before I left town, and I became aware over the weekend of just how often I play with the pendants.

The chain itself doesn't hold that much sentimental value for me, but the two pendants do. One is a bicycle that Sweet Girl gave me for Christmas in 1994. It's missing one of its handlebars, but the wheels on it actually turn. I've worn it all these years. The other pendant was also a gift from Sweet Girl, a long rectangular pendant with my name on one side and on the other side my name in Arabic. I guess it's my name.....it might say "Death to Americans" for all I know about Arabic. But she brought it back from the Persian Gulf on her last tour there, so it is very special.

I texted Hubby from the bike ride and told him if he emptied Kirby (our automatic pool vacuum), to please look for my necklace. He did, but he didn't find it.

I looked all over the bottom of the pool, thinking the necklace should be easily visible against the dark blue background of the pool liner. No luck.

Hubby suggested I look in Kirby again, since it could have been picked up after he emptied it. It wasn't easily visible, but after I squeezed all along the debris bag (think: cake decorating bag only with a putrid smell), the handlebar of the bicycle pendant poked through.

It was tangled and slightly nasty, but everything was intact. I love happy endings.

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Maggie said...

Hey that is a happy ending- how wonderful!!!!