Thursday, July 29, 2010

Revenge is Sweet..... and Lucrative........

There's this guy Hubby knows at the golf course. Not a friend, just a young guy he's seen on the course before. Hubby says the guy is an a__hole, which makes this story even better.

I don't know if his girlfriend was snooping or if she stumbled across it accidentally (not likely, I'm guessing), but she found some child pornography on the guy's computer.

Naturally she was disgusted.

You know how some women get revenge by throwing their men's stuff out in the yard, perhaps setting it on fire to make the point really stick?

This girl went one better.

She gathered up his belongings and took them to the golf course, where she SOLD THEM to the same guys he plays golf with.

In the words of one of Hubby's buddies, "I got a really good Jeff Gordon jacket for five bucks!"

To top it off, the girl called the local pizza place where her boyfriend (I'm guessing he's an ex-boyfriend now?) and asked to speak to the manager, because that's what he had told her his job was.

Turns out she was speaking to the manager, who was NOT her boyfriend, and the boyfriend was actually a busboy.


Oh, and on top of selling all his belongings, she stopped paying his golf dues.

Man, that's cold.

Hee hee.


Cheri Pryor said...

It's Karma, baby!

Maggie said...

Oh that's hilarious! And kudos to hubby for the Jeff Gordon buy...