Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Only Way to Go is Up......,

I guess it's the danger of booking online.......

This campground is a disappointment, to say the least. Rather than being "on the beach," it is actually across the road from the beach. And once you cross the road the beach is still a long way away. We walked over there this afternoon, but we couldn't go onto the beach because they don't allow dogs. Bunch of communists. We're going to ride the bikes over there tomorrow.

The camping area itself is on something they call a creek, but it looks a lot like a swamp. Lots of screaming kids around. And when we got here at about noon today, they told us check-in wasn't until 3:00 and we could "wander around" for a while. Wander around in a motorhome that gets approximately 8 miles per gallon? He checked and discovered that the people in site #35 had checked out early, though, so he relented and let us go ahead and check in.

We think we know why the folks in #35 checked out early.

Pictures tomorrow. Maybe I won't be in such a negative mood.

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Julie said...

In another week I'm heading up to my favorite Michigan State Park, Orchard Beach. If you need a sure fire great place to camp, Orchard Beach is the schizzel! It's in Manistee, almost as far north as Traverse City. The campground is on the top of the bluff, so it's alway cool with a breeze coming off the lake. There's seven miles of beach to hike and a nature preserve with trails and bird sanctuary just down the road. I've booked a site that has a front row view of the lake and can hardly wait to scram out of work and resume my love affair with the big water!