Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just What DO You Drive a Truck With...........?

Since we bought the motorhome, I have run into a few people who are amazed that I can drive it.

To be honest, I was a little bit hesitant at first, but that was the result of a bad experience with a 24-foot rental truck coming home from BRAG one year.

On that occasion, I ran into the same situation. When I stopped for gas, two different people asked me -- Are you by YOURSELF?

Granted, I had just about taken out a gas pump (or two) because I wasn't used to driving anything that big, and I very nearly put non-diesel gasoline in the truck, but both those people seemed to be implying that a little lady shouldn't be driving a big old truck without .... a MAN.

Are these people suggesting, albeit probably unwittingly, that it requires a PENIS to drive a truck?

Ever since the invention of power steering, we're not talking about needing brute strength to drive a larger vehicle. All that is required is the ability to see over the steering wheel (okay, so I just BARELY meet that minimum requirement) and to use the side mirrors. I think I'm excellent at using the side mirrors, both the large ones and the smaller ones. Until it comes to backing in somewhere, but that's neither here nor there. Maybe.

Next weekend I'm taking the RV to a weekend bicycle ride ALL BY MYSELF, and I am shocked at the number of people who are shocked.

Really? What is it about me personally that makes them think I can't handle driving the RV 123 miles all by myself? Is it just because I lack a penis?

I'm by no means a raging feminist -- a sort-of feminist who rages about other things from time to time maybe -- but I resent it when people act as if women shouldn't do some things that are better left to men. Like driving an RV or a truck. Or following football.

Besides, I know some folks WITH penises who aren't so good at driving. They might not live in this house, but I know 'em.


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Maggie said...

I got the same types of reactions when people found out I was moving from the Wild West back here to Civilization, and pulling a U-Haul with my car... all ALONE! *gasp* I've no idea about folks.

Have fun driving the RV sans penis. I could make other jokes here but it would be too easy, too obvious, and way to inappropriate. So, enjoy!

Julie said...

I used to get the same gasped response to saying that I was camping alone off the bike,
"By yourself?!"
Now the people I know don't even bat an eye, they've seen me jaunt off on my escapades too many times.

Evil Pixie said...

I love it when people resort to gender generalizations - especially when it comes to driving. The most frequent one I hear is when I rent a car while traveling, and they assume I want an automatic because I'm female. Apparently having a penis automatically qualifies you for a stick shift.

Bragger said...

Maggie, Julie, and Evil Pixie: I knew there was a reason we all gravitated to one another! :)

KatyDid53 said...

Ditto all of the above, girls!