Friday, October 1, 2010

A Whole Week Off.....

I'm pretty sure we didn't have a "Fall Break" when I was in school. Neither did we have a whole week off for Thanksgiving, and I don't think we had an entire week for Spring Break.

But I'll take all of 'em.

Five whole days not to have to give retakes, reset homework, approve topic tests, or go over quizzes.

Five whole days not to have to hear the alarm go off at 5:00 AM. I don't mind if I wake up at 5:00 AM, as long as it isn't an alarm that does it.

Five whole days not to have to worry about packing my lunch or picking out something to wear.

Five whole days not to have to run students out of the hall and into classrooms. In our six years, this is the first group we've had that we've had that problem. We have such a young, immature bunch this year.

Hubby and I are taking the RV to a state park in Alabama for a couple of days. I'll still have to do my online teaching, but the beauty of that job is that I can do it anywhere.

Fall Break means we're one-fourth of the way through the school year. Not that I'm wishing my life away or anything....

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