Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Wonder.......

.....why my part of driving the RV has to include I-285 around Atlanta AND backing into our driveway?

.....when the weather is going to be just one season or the other, instead of a combination of several? (Oh, I forget....I live in the South.) many of the students who requested clearance to work on their online curriculum over fall break actually will do any work?

.....why I froze leftover meatballs and then ATE THEM TONIGHT, when they gave me heartburn the FIRST time around?

.....when our cat is going to accept that we are not giving him canned food anymore and stop meowing for it? (He weighs more than the dog.)

.....if it will be warm enough this weekend to put my kayak in the water?

.....what the final verdict will be on our sick television? (It would be the newest one, the 52" one, that breaks.)

.....what I will do tomorrow while Hubby plays golf?

.....if the rest of the school year will go as fast as the first nine weeks have?

.....if I can do any better this weekend on my college football picks?

.....whether we will get paid for our online jobs this month, or if we will just receive some more emails telling us what to do IN ORDER TO get paid? many days in a row can I get away with not wearing a bra (after I retire)?

.....who will get booted from Dancing with the Stars next week? much of the Braves' first playoff game I will get to see tomorrow night, if first pitch is at 9:36 PM?

.....when I can talk Hubby into another RV trip?

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AmandaSue : ] said...

My TV that I've had since I was a wee child is still going stong but the new flat screen I got for Christmas 2 years ago broke over the summer. Apparently they need that giant back to actually work.